Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity are integral to all our activities and in every aspect of the work that we do. We aim to respond to the wide diversity within the communities in which we operate, and ensure that we fully reflect this in our policies and procedures and through the day-to-day delivery of services.

We aim to treat everyone with respect and value their differences. We do this by providing excellent customer service, in which everyone's quality of life is considered to be of great importance.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy reflects our values and provides a framework through which we work to fulfil our obligations. It demonstrates our commitment to dealing with discrimination, ensuring no one feels disadvantaged or excluded, and providing opportunities for our customers, staff and Board Members.

Our Policy is supported by a Compliance Assessment of how we are performing against our legal and regulatory requirements. This assessment in turn informs our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan for 2016/17. Just click on the link above to see these documents.

Equality and Diversity Working Group

Our Equality and Diversity Working Group is made up of both customers and staff, who meet up to six times a year. The Group oversees Paradigm's approach to equality and diversity and supports staff and residents in recognising and valuing the diversity of our communities.

Faiths and Cultures

Sometimes people belong to a religion because they are born into it. Others follow a faith because they have chosen its ideals and ways of life. We should not make assumptions about a person’s religion, or if indeed they have one, from their ethnic background.

This Cultural Diversity Guidance aims to inform us about some of the main religions of Paradigm customers, so that we can better understand the diverse cultures and faiths held by our neighbours, and how they are observed.

Access to Our Services

We aim to ensure everyone is able to access our services and in particular take into account the needs of disabled, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

We can provide communications in different formats where it is agreed this is the best solution.

  • If you call us we can arrange an interpreter.
  • If you visit our offices we can provide portable hearing loops.

What is an Equality Impact Assessment?

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) are the method we use to review our services to ensure that they are available to any customer who needs to use them irrespective of who they are and where they live.

Using the customer profile information provided by customers is a key part of the EIA process.

Where any barriers to accessing our services are identified we look to see how we can remove or overcome them. If we find that one group of customers have a different experience of our service and express lower satisfaction than other customer groups we will investigate further to identify potential reasons for this and whether further action is needed to address this difference in experience.

We complete an equality impact assessment for new strategies, policies and procedures. Our Resident Forum and Board will review the outcomes of the equality impact assessment as part of the approval process required for new strategies and policies.