The Amalgamated Board is Paradigm's governing body. It is made up of 11 members who are all chosen for their specialist knowledge, skills and experience. This healthy mix ensures consistently high standards of accountability and transparency.

The Board

The Board sets the strategic direction for Paradigm Housing Group and is responsible for overall performance, as well as making key decisions regarding the Group's structure, objectives and financial management.

Board members are actively involved in:

  • agreeing the Group's strategy and direction to assure the long term future and success of the organisation
  • approving policies after having consulted with, and had feedback from, Paradigm Committees and the Resident's Forum
  • approving development/new business schemes that have a significant impact on the Group’s business plan
  • ensuring that customers receive quality services in all areas of the business based on customer feedback and experience
  • setting strategic parameters such as the development of new business opportunities and services
  • corporate and ethical governance
  • the performance of operating committees
  • reviewing the minutes of committee meetings and ratifying decisions made
  • the Group’s financial strategy and control
  • audit, risk management and governance with advice from the Audit Committee
  • apportioning central charges and specifying the level of service provided by other member associations
  • approving the Human Resources strategy
  • liaising with our regulator
  • discussing any matter raised by the Chair of any Committee or by Paradigm’s Chief Executive
  • nomination of Board Members to serve on communities
  • appointment of committee members
  • setting remuneration of non-executive directors

The Board meets about six times a year and most members also sit on specialist committees to review key areas of activity and policy.

The member committees are:

  • Development Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee

To see the members of the board or committee members click here and view their profiles by clicking on their names.