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Our primary method of benchmarking is through the HouseMark performance system.

Paradigm, along with hundreds of other housing organisations, annually submit performance, financial and housing information for the year ended 31 March. We then analyse this data and can compare ourselves to similar or other housing associations. Performance is measured by ranking organisations into 'quartiles' for individual or a group of indicators.

We measure our performance in this way twice a year: our performance overall for the last year; and also our 'mid-point' performance in the current year. We have chosen three peer groups to measure ourselves against and we select the 'upper quartile' performance of each group as a series of consecutive targets for us to achieve. This ensures we are constantly challenging ourselves not only to be in the upper quartile of similar housing associations, but ultimately in the upper quartile of all housing associations in HouseMark.

Click here to see our 2010/11 mid-year performance data.