“ To run a successful and profitable business providing homes and housing services that customers value.”


Our Belief Circle

Belief CircleAs a housing business that is also a charity, we are different from most other sorts of businesses and the Paradigm Belief Circle explains not only what we want to deliver, but how we will do this. We are a value-led business that understands the importance of not only “making money in order to spend money” but also the standards we adopt whilst doing this.


Our key objective of providing new homes requires us to, first and foremost, make financially sound business decisions. This not only improves our chances of securing private finance to build more properties, but also maximises the profits we can invest back into our business. Our charitable principles mean we do not pay dividends to shareholders or unconditional staff bonuses. We must adapt to the commercial environment in which we operate and avoid unnecessary financial risk. Re-investing our profits allows us to enhance and expand our services, and maintain our properties. We can also contribute to the Paradigm Foundation, which provides financial support for projects that have a lasting, positive impact on people and their communities.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. Paradigm has clear standards against which we measure and evaluate our services. We aim to offer customers more flexibility in our choice of services and pricing options; striving to ‘get it right first time’ by minimising costly errors and avoiding duplication of efforts. Excellent customer service begins with exceptional staff. We are committed to providing positive working conditions and comprehensive training and support programmes for all employees. In return, we expect total commitment and passion from the people that work for us.


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