Paradigm Housing Group has a Procurement Department to assist with the provision of value for money and compliant procurement activity which sit within the corporate business plan.

Our strategy

Paradigm has a Procurement Strategy which was approved by our Board in January 2016 and is reviewed every three years. To ensure the strategy is effective, it will be communicated and embedded throughout the organisation.

We are fully compliant with the European Union Directives, Public Contract Regulations 2015 and the Code of Governance of Paradigm.

Working with Paradigm

Paradigm is fair, transparent and proportionate when undertaking procurement activity whether this involves the full tender process or obtaining quotations and we encourage small and medium enterprises wherever possible.

We are an established organisation who pay within 30 days of receipt of a correct and undisputed invoice wherever possible and encourage our supply chain to do the same. All of our tenders are evaluated on the most economically advantageous tender approach to ensure good value for money and quality. Contracts will be monitored and managed to ensure they deliver efficiently, meet performance indicators and critical success factors.

Approved list of contractors and suppliers

Paradigm holds an approved list of the companies we work with and the type of supplies/services/works they provide. Companies who wish to apply to come onto our approved list can do so by registering on Due North which is our e-tendering system. We use Safe Contractor to undertake the health and safety assessment to ensure competence and compliance for our approved companies who provide maintenance or where there is a potential risk to Paradigm or our customers.

Registering on Due North does not guarantee any work and companies can also be removed from Due North if performance or probity become an issue or concern. The list is reviewed on an annual basis and companies can be added or deleted as appropriate. All companies are required to comply with the Bribery Act 2010, Equality & Diversity, ethical labour practices and also safeguarding where applicable.

Our contract terms and conditions

Paradigm has a suite of contracts which covers supplies, services and works. We use the JCT Measured Term with Amendments for maintenance work and for supplies and services we use bespoke contracts.

All contracts cover issues such as TUPE (where applicable), Bribery Act 2010, Safeguarding and invoicing requirements together with contract specific clauses which may be relevant. They will also include the specification, pricing schedule and key performance indicators.

Our standard terms and conditions

We have a set of standard terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services for Paradigm Housing Group Ltd. They can be found by clicking here.

Resident Procurement Panel

In 2013 Paradigm provided the opportunity for all of our tenants and leaseholders to become involved in procurement by joining the Resident Procurement Panel. They may know better than us what is required in terms of works and levels of service which can enhance the process and provide costs savings in some cases. We also need to ensure that their different needs are taken into consideration as part of the specification and selection process. We have undertaken training with the panel on general procurement, contracts, contract management and on the evaluation.

Tender opportunities

Tender opportunities are advertised through the Official Journal of European Union and are published on the Paradigm website. We use an e-tendering system called Due North and this can be found by visiting:

Any questions?

If you have any questions on the procurement activity of Paradigm or wish to contact us please contact in the first instance.