Social exclusion can be devastating for individual's lives and their children's life chances, but it also inflicts huge costs on the economy and society at large.

The core ethos at Paradigm is about 'realising potential' and our social inclusion work is an example of how we turn our ethos into reality.

Social Inclusion Strategy

Our Social Inclusion Strategy is directly linked to our Equality and Diversity Strategy and our Customer Engagement Strategy. It is also about ensuring all our customers have not only equality of opportunities, but the ability to have equal outcomes with their neighbours and the wider community.

We recognise that to achieve everyone's true potential some people may need more help and
assistance than others. Our Strategy and projects are targeted at delivering that help and assistance
in a structured and sustained way.

Finally, if we can help our customers realise their potential this helps Paradigm realise its potential
as a business that is profitable, professional but also ethical. We want to deliver outcomes that matter to our customers and make a real difference in their everyday lives.

We aim to promote, develop and grow this strategy by concentrating on five key areas:

  • Affordability and Financial Inclusion
  • Employment and Education
  • Community and Neighbourhood
  • Communication and Accessibility to Services
  • Environment and Sustainability