We are committed to providing an excellent service to you. Here you can read about the standards of service you can expect to receive from us and about our 'local offers'. As well as how we collect customer profile information to tailor those services.

Service standards

We have involved a wide range of residents in agreeing our service standards and they have very helpfully indicated those standards which are of most interest to customers.

These services give customers firm committments on how we intend to deliver our services to an agreed standard, quality and frequency. To review all these standards of service visit our service standards page.

Local offers

Not all services need look the same. Some services can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups of residents. These are known as 'local offers'.

An example of this is where services that have been adapted to help the elderly or disabled, or those from minority ethnic communities, to make sure everyone experiences the same high level of service. Alternatively services could be tailored to meet the needs of a block, estate; town or local authority area.

We will continue to introduce a range of local offers to residents as a direct result of customer feedback and they represent our on-going commitment to tailoring and improving services.

You said... we did

We do listen to your feedback. To see some examples of changes customers have suggested and how Paradigm has responded click here.