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Local offers

We manage homes over a large area, but we want to tailor our services to specifically meet the needs and priorities of residents in different locations. These priorities are known as local offers.

We have now met†all of the local offers we set last year:


  • Increase the money we spend on keeping homes warm and affordable
  • Prioritise repairs for young families, older or disabled residents
  • Introduce new target times for completion of repairs
  • Provide a handyman service for two large estates and all sheltered housing schemes
  • Expand routine repair jobs to include minor works to meet residentsí faith, cultural or disability needs.

Neighbourhood and Community

  • Use text messages to remind residents of repair appointments
  • Have specific service standards describing how we will respond when residents report domestic abuse, racial harassment or hate crime
  • Further develop our victim and witness support service
  • Introduce opportunities for neighbourhood reviews
  • Improve grounds maintenance services and seasonal planting at sheltered schemes.

Tenant Involvement And Empowerment

  • Recruit residents as internal auditors and quality inspectors
  • Support the development of local tenant panels in target areas
  • Increase the choice for young residents who want to be involved
  • Host more local consultation and involvement events
  • Provide a programme of training and learning for residents
  • Provide full customer service standards.

For 2012/13, we have made new commitments to develop service offers around repairs, estate services and customer involvement. We will also potentially offer residents the option to pay less in rent to reduce certain services, or pay more to enhance some services. We also plan to manage customer expectations of our services more effectively by providing clearer information.

If you would like to speak to someone about developing a local offer or about local offers generally please contact Wendy Smith, our Regional Director (East Region) on 01628 811825 or by emailing