All staff within Paradigm are responsible for customer involvement; from frontline staff to the Board. We will ensure that our core staff training programme includes raising awareness of customer involvement and that support is given to staff that have direct responsibility for engaging with customers to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills to be able to support customer involvement effectively.



The development of a Customer Care training programme for all staff will ensure that the principles of customer involvement and empowerment are further embedded across the organisation. Wherever appropriate we will work with customers to get involved in the delivery of training to our own staff.

In order to build the capacity of our customers we will tailor training to the needs of any involved resident and, in addition, there are opportunities to attend relevant conferences, to make site visits or to shadow housing officers.

Examples of courses residents have attended include:

  • presentation skills
  • chairing skills
  • interviewing skills



We provide the following support for people attending or taking part in events, meetings or other involvement activities:

  • Meetings that are timed for resident's convenience and often a choice is offered
  • Where possible a range of ways to get involved is offered for each activity
  • Travel expenses and petrol costs are reimbursed at 45p a mile (reviewed at least annually)
  • Childcare and carer costs are reimbursed at £7.00 per hour (reviewed at least annually)
  • Lifts/ taxis are arranged if customers don't have their own car
  • Disabled access at all meeting venues
  • Language translation facilities on request
  • Hearing loop
  • Refreshments