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Welcome to Paradigm's dedicated homeownership page.

Buying a home

Paradigm provide a range of home ownership options which include:

  • Buying the home you rent - You may be able to buy the home you are renting with Paradigm's 'Right to Buy' schemes.
  • Shared-ownership - This is a scheme developed to assist first-time buyers purchase when unable to do so on the open market. It also helps those who are in need of a larger home but cannot afford to buy one on the open market. Find out more about shared-ownership 


We use the term ‘homeowners’ for all our customers who are shared-owners, leaseholders, or fixed-equity owners and we recognise the importance that our homeowners place on receiving a high quality and cost effective service that meets their needs.

Here we aim to provide practical information, useful contacts, summaries of laws that effect lease-holding homeowners and general documentation. We know that homeowners have service needs and expectations unique to them and we want to ensure that our services are delivered effectively and professionally.


We welcome any suggestions you have for additional information that you think should be included on this page. If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 303 1010.