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Buying the home you rent

If you rent your home from Paradigm then dependent on the type of tenure and the length of tenancy you have, you may be able to purchase the home you currently live in. If you are not sure what type of tenure you have, please speak to your Houisng Officer or call our Customer Services team on 0300 303 1010 and find out.

Right to Buy (RTB)

This scheme is available to all  'Secured’ tenants who have held their tenancy for five years or more.  It allows you to apply to purchase 100% of your home.

If you live in a house, your discount starts at 35% up to a limit of 60% or £75,000 (whichever is the lower). If you live in a flat, the discount starts at 50% up to a limit of 70% or £75,000 (whichever is the lower). The amount of discount will be subject to the number of years you have been a tenant.

Tenants Right to Buy (TRTB)

This is our own voluntary sales initiative which is available to all ‘Assured’ tenants who have held their tenancy for five years or more. It allows you to purchase 100% of your property with a discount of £9,000 - £16,000 the amount of discount is dependent on the area in which you live.

Tenants Right to Buy is based on the governments 'Right to Acquire’ scheme. For here to read more about Paradigm's Tenant Right to Buy scheme.

Shared-Ownership for Tenants (SOFT)

This is our own scheme available to all tenants.  It allows you to purchase 50%-75% of your property, with a relevant discount, dependant on the area in which you live. 

For more information about any of these schemes or just to talk about your options please call the Sales and Marketing Team on 0845 337 4877.