If you want to move out of your home and end your tenancy with us you will need to do the following things:

  • tell us at least four weeks before you move out of your home.
  • give us at least four weeks notice by contacting our Customer Service team on 0300 303 1010 and filling in a 'Notice to Quit' form. We will arrange for your housing officer to visit you.
  • tell us the date you are moving
  • organise any repairs which need to be done before you move out
  • pay your rent up to the date at which you move out
  • tell us the address you are moving to before you move out
  • remove all your belongings - you must return the property empty
  • return the keys to us at the end of the four weeks

You must ensure the property and garden are:

  • left in good decorative order and a clean tidy condition and free from furniture, personal possessions and rubbish.
  • all fixtures and fittings are left in good condition and repair all external areas to be clear of personal belongings and rubbish
  • all greenery must be in a manageable condition there must not be any debt on the utility meters with the utility card/key left in the property
  • all keys are returned to us for the premises before 12pm noon on the Monday on which your tenancy ends

In addition, you will also need to tell people you have moved

If you have a joint tenancy and only one of you is leaving, both of you should notify us so we can look into transferring the tenancy to the person who is staying

Please read our Ending a tenancy advice leaflet for more information.

If you need to end your tenancy because you are permanently moving into a nursing or residential home or other form of supported accommodation, please read our advice leaflet entitled Ending a tenancy - moving into a nursing or residential home

To end a tenancy on behalf of a tenant who has passed away, see our Ending a tenancy - on the death of a tenant advice leaflet. If you would like help with completing the form attached to this leaflet, please call us on 0300 303 1010.

Bonus payments

We do reward our tenants who maintain their homes to a good standard. To see if you are eligible view our Ending a Tenancy - Bonus Payments advice leaflet.