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To be attended to within 24 hours

  • Front and back doors - if damaged by criminal activity
  • Inspection chamber covers
  • Door-entry systems
  • Fire equipment
  • Making safe glass in doors or panels

To be attended to within an average of 15 calendar days


  • Bath
  • Tiles
  • Toilet pan and cistern
  • Washbasin

Doors and Windows

  • Window frames and fittings
  • Window locks

Heating systems

  • Chimney flue

Hot-water heaters and systems

  • Gas fire with back boiler
  • Gas-fired hot water system
  • Soild-fuel system with back boiler
  • Immersion heater in the hot-water tank
  • Leak from hot-water tank


  • Cooker socket
  • Kitchen cupboards and worktops
  • Sink, bowl or drainer
  • Tiled splashbacks


  • Leaks from radiators or heating pipes
  • Taps
  • Water pipes inside your home
  • Waste pipes


  • Electrics including switches, power points, main switch, fuse boxes and circuit breakers

Shared areas

  • Bannister rails

To be attended to within 60 working days


  • Coal bunker
  • Fences, gates or walls on boundaries - subject to inspection
  • Footpaths or patios

Heating systems

  • Chimney sweeping


  • Downpipes
  • Gutters
  • Main drains


  • Ceilings
  • Damp-proof course
  • Floors
  • Outside stairs or steps to entrances and stairs inside your home
  • Outside woodwork
  • Walls inside and outside your home


  • Outside decorations
  • Skirting boards

Shared areas

  • Doors
  • Flooring - carpet, vinyl or tiles
  • Mailboxes
  • Window catches and frames