As a resident you have certain responsibilities to maintain the inside of your home and carry out minor repairs. You are also responsible for items such as:

  • Unblocking any blockages in sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences
  • Decorating inside your home, including filling small cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Providing replacement keys – if you lock yourself out you are responsible for paying a locksmith to change your locks and repairing any damage. If your keys are stolen then this may be covered by your insurance company.
  • Installing extra security locks and bolts, if you want them
  • Adjusting internal doors so they open and close over fitted carpets
  • Getting our permission in writing for all alterations (including installing a satellite dish)
  • Allowing our staff and contractors reasonable access to your home to investigate and carry out any repairs or inspections, and behave reasonably towards them
  • Reporting all repairs as soon as possible
  • Replacing of domestic plugs and fuses
  • Replacing of lightbulbs
  • Replacing of household dustbins, including wheelie bins
  • Replacing plugs and chains on sinks, baths and basins
  • Replacing damaged toilet seats
  • Replacing tap washers
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors
  • Replacing door handles, latches, letter boxes and door knockers
  • Repairing damage caused deliberately or accidentally by you or a guest
  • Putting up your own blinds, curtain tracks, coat rails, coat hooks and shelving
  • Sweeping the chimneys as often as necessary to prevent fires
  • Taking any necessary steps to prevent water in pipes and tanks from freezing
  • Leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition when you move out

If you are in any doubt about responsibilities please contact our Customer Service team on 0300 303 1010.

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