Welfare Reform Timeline


Welfare Reform changes from April 2014


The following is a summary of upcoming Welfare Reform changes. We will update this page as more information becomes available. You can download a detailed, updated timeline from the DWP here.


April 2014 Automatic enrolment begins for medium employers. Local Housing Allowance uprating limited to 1 per cent. Removal of entitlement to Housing Benefit for EEA Jobseekers, even if they are in receipt of income based JSA. UC expansion – Shotton taking new claims Roll out of Claimant Commitment to all British Jobcentres complete

April 2014 Help to Work – JSA claimants returning from the Work Programme will go onto one of three intensive modes of support, determined by Jobcentre Plus advisor. Spending Review 2013 measures - pre-Work Programme JSA claimants and certain lone parents and responsible carers will be subject to a number of measures which increase conditionality and support.

From June 2014 Expansion of full Universal Credit benefit to the rest of North West England

July 2014 Launch of Single Fraud Investigation Service

Summer 2014 Universal Credit made available to new claims from couples in number of Jobcentres already delivering the full UC benefit Publication of Fulfilling Potential progress report

Autumn 2014 Roll out of digital jobcentres will be complete. Expected start date for pilot in support of 18-21 year olds.

From Autumn 2014 Expansion of UC live service to take claims from families and once it’s safely tested we will expand to cover more of the North West of England

April 2015 Introduction of private pension decumulation reforms

June 2015 Automatic enrolment begins for small employers.

October 2015 Reassessment of remaining Disability Living Allowance caseload for Personal Independence Payment begins. State Pension Top Up available to those of State Pension age.

April 2016 The new single tier pension will be implemented from April 2016.

2016 Universal Credit service will be fully available in each part of Britain during 2016, having closed down new claims to legacy benefits it replaced. All families claiming Universal Credit will receive childcare support up to 85 per cent of actual costs Changes to Pension Credit for Child Addition and mixed age couples come into effect.

2016 – 2017 Majority of the remaining legacy caseload moving to Universal Credit

By April 2017 Bereavement Support Payment implemented

May 2017 Automatic enrolment begins for new employers (established after April 2012).