An estate which is well cared for will give residents a pride in their neighbourhood and encourage new tenants to move into the area. Our cleaning contractor will regularly visit and we will display when they will be on your estate on your block's noticeboard.

The cleaning you should expect includes:

  • sweep and wash shared entrances
  • check the staircases for rubbish and spillages and clean them
  • sweep and wash, or vacuum, all shared staircases
  • remove dirt and scuff marks from shared walls
  • clean banisters and balustrades
  • clean shared doors and block signs which can be reached easily
  • clean and disinfect bin areas
  • check and clean shared light fittings where necessary
  • polish the inside of lifts and the doors
  • clean tiled surfaces of blocks
  • clean landings and balconies
  • clean the insides of any windows in the shared areas
  • clean shared carpets where needed
  • clean cobwebs from any ceilings

The cost for these services is covered by all our residents through their rent, so do let us know if you are not satisfied. Your details will be passed onto the Housing Officer who will inspect the area and arrange for any necessary works to be carried out.