The responsibility of repairing and maintaining your home is shared between you as a tenant and us as your landlord. This booklet contains a checklist that tells you which repairs you are responsible for, which ones we are responsible for and what to do if you need to ask for a repair.

Which repairs am I responsible for?

The repair responsibility checklist on the following pages explains who is responsible for specific repairs and if the repair is a priority or an out-of-hours emergency. It is only a guide and if you are not sure about anything, please phone Customer Services.

How can you report a repair?

Wherever you live, you can report a repair by phoning Customer Services, online at or e-mail (non emergencies only): .
If you e-mail us, please give us as much information as possible and a contact phone number.

Reporting the repair correctly saves a lot of time for both you and us. When you ask for a repair, Customer Services will ask you some questions which will help us to find the particular problem.
If the repair is an emergency (see the checklist on the following pages) and our offices are closed, please phone our call handling agent on the following number 0300 303 1010.

What will happen once the repair is reported?

For routine repairs, Customer Services will arrange an appointment for the repair to be carried out. If it is not possible to make the appointment when you first call, we will either phone or write to you to arrange a convenient time.

Whenever we are carrying out a repair at your home, a responsible person aged 18 years or over must be there for the whole time the repair is taking place.

Our appointment times are either between:

8am and 12 noon or
11am to 2.30pm or
12 noon to 5.30pm.

Our three appointment times should help with fitting around school runs, or appointments at specific times.

If an appointment is no longer convenient for you, please contact us to rearrange it. We will do the same if we can no longer keep an appointment.

If we fail to keep an appointment, you may be entitled to £25 compensation. If you fail to keep an appointment, we may charge you £25.

How long will the repair take?

If we are responsible for the repair the timescales are shown on the checklist.

In some cases, a repairs surveyor may visit your home to inspect the problem. They will make an appointment with you directly to do this. After the inspection, we will arrange with you any necessary repairs.

If the repair is your responsibility, no timescales are given. However, we may carry out a repair to something that is normally your responsibility if, for example:

  • you have a disability
  • there is someone very young or old in your household, or
  • the item was provided at the time we let your home to you, but it was not listed on the tenancy agreement

We will tell you how long the repair is likely to take at the time you ask for it. Generally, if you ask us to carry out a repair that is your responsibility, we will charge you.

If you live in a newly-built property that is still in the ‘defects’ period, where the developer still has responsibility for repairs to the building, we may send your request for a repair to the developer, who will arrange to carry out the repair as soon as possible. The developer will carry out some non-urgent repairs at the end of the ‘defects’ period. The 'defects' period normally lasts for twelve months from the date the property was built.

For more information about repairs and timescales, click here to open up the PDF.