Disagreements between neighbours, for example about noise or boundaries, are one of the most common reports we receive.

Before involving us, we ask you to be considerate and try to sort out the problem between yourselves. We also want our residents to understand that people have different lifestyles.

However, if you, a member of your household or a visitor act in an anti-social way and cause nuisance and annoyance, you are breaking your tenancy agreement. You will no longer be entitled to the benefits of Premier Service and we will take action to stop the behaviour (this may include evicting you).

We will not accept anti-social behaviour and we aim to achieve respect within the community. We will do everything we can to deal with nuisance, harassment and anti-social behaviour, by using all options we have available.

If you need help

If the matter involves another one of our tenants, shared-owners or leaseholders, we will be able to give you help and advice. But, our powers to manage noise and disturbance from residents who are not our tenants or lessees are limited.

For serious cases of anti-social behaviour, we will work with other local organisations such as the local council 'Environmental Services Department' and the police. Often talking about the problem is the best way to settle a disagreement.

For more information, please see our advice leaflet ' Anti-social behaviour'.

Getting involved

We believe that getting you involved in how we manage and maintain your homes and estates is important. It helps us provide better housing services for you and improves the quality of life for local communities.

We offer a wide range of ways for you to get involved and at all levels of the organisation.

  • locally - things to do with your home or neighbourhood like estate inspections, area audits and resident and community associations.
  • operationally - the way our service is provided to a number of homes. Our area panels, resident surveys and focus groups help to improve our services.
  • strategically - to help decide how the organisation works, like joining our residents’ forum or becoming resident board members.

You can also choose how much you want to get involved, for example you can.

  • fill in a survey or make a suggestion
  • have your say by going to a focus group or meeting to discuss a decision or issue
  • give advice and influence a project by joining a project group, area panel, or resident association

We will consult and keep you informed you on the following.

  • changes to the conditions of your tenancy
  • changes to how we manage homes and the repairs service we provide
  • new programmes of work such as improvements to homes like kitchens, bathrooms and re-wiring
  • the service provided and paid for by your service charges
  • issues which people regularly complain about
  • changes which affect you

For more information on how to get involved, please see our booklet 'Get Involved', which is available on our website or by phoning Customer Services on 0300 303 1010.