Your tenancy agreement is an important legal document. You should keep it in a safe place but if you do lose it, contact our Customer Services team on 0300 303 1010 and we will send you another copy.

A tenancy agreement sets out our rights and responsibilities as your landlord, and your rights and responsibilities as our residents.

The type of tenancy you have will be printed on the front of your agreement. The main legal differences are between secure and assured tenancies, but we try to treat everyone the same if possible. The other main difference is in the way we set your rent.

Starter tenancy

If you are a new tenant and are not transferring from another council or housing association you may be given a 12 month starter tenancy. If we are satisfied you have met your responsibilities as a tenant, we will offer you an assured tenancy at the end of 12 months.

Assured shorthold tenancy

An assured shorthold tenancy is used for shorter-term lettings, such as temporary accommodation. Usually, we cannot end your tenancy for the first six months, after which we usually have to give you four weeks notice.

Assured tenancy

An assured tenancy is used for the majority of our general needs rented homes. It offers some security to the tenant as your tenancy may not be ended without a valid reason.