Paradigm Housing does not manage a waiting list for our properties. If you wish to move you should contact the relevant council/local authority and request to be registered on their housing list; this will probably be a similar process to that of moving into your current property.

If you wish to transfer with the tenant of another housing association or council-owned property - often called a 'mutual exchange', you can register on the HomeSwapper website and/or the Exchange Locata website

These web services will contact you with potential swap details. When you have found an exchange partner please contact Paradigm Customer Services and request a 'mutual exchange form'. If you are eligible for the mutual exchange scheme we will process your application. Please note a decision on your application can take up to 42 days and will involve a visit to your home. Once the processing is complete, you can make your arrangements to move.

If you would like any more information on transfers and exchanges, or any assistance in registering with HomeSwapper and/or Exchange Locata, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services on 0300 303 1010. Alternatively you can download our mutual exchange frequently asked questions.