Extra Care Housing is a new way of supporting you to live independently for as long as you can. It means the security and privacy of a home of your own, with a range of facilities on the premises, plus staff on hand day and night to provide care as required.

You may be thinking of moving or having to leave your old home because of life changes or health problems which mean it is difficult to remain where you are. If you value your independence and privacy and want control and choice in your life, think about Extra Care Housing.

Extra Care Housing is different because:

  • you are living at home - not in a home
  • you have your own front door – you decide who comes in
  • couples and friends can stay together
  • residents have a mixture of abilities
  • it offers you a safe and secure home, and also help with any learning or physical disability you may have
  • 24 hour care services are available on site
  • you get support to keep your independence
  • you can join in social activities – or you can be private
  • Extra Care housing aims to offer a home for life


Extra Care Housing in Hillingdon

We have developed and now manage 24 new one-bedroom and 24 new two-bedroom flats at Cottesmore House in Ickenham with Hillingdon Council . Cottesmore House is part of the larger development called Ickenham Park on the site of what was RAF West Ruislip.

Cottesmore House has 24 hour care services on site if you need them. In addition, there are a range of facilities including a café, lounge, shop and hairdressing. Nominations to flats at Cottesmore House are made by the council.

Who can apply for Extra Care Housing?

Extra Care Housing could be suitable for you if you are aged 55 or over. You may also have a physical, sensory or learning disability. You should currently be residing in the borough or able to demonstrate a strong local connection.

How much does Extra Care Housing cost?

The amount you pay depends on your individual situation and income. You may have to pay all the costs or you may be entitled to benefits to meet all or some costs.

Rent: you will pay an ‘affordable rent’ under a tenancy agreement with Paradigm. You will be informed of the rent and the arrangements for making payment. Bear in mind that you will be responsible for your own utility bills as well.

There are service charges associated with your home, for items including maintenance and communal facilities. If you already live in a flat you will be familiar with these kinds of charges.

Housing related support (for example, assistance with managing your home, advice on benefits, form filling and so on) is a free service for people who receive housing benefit. If you do not qualify for housing benefit, you can apply for an assessment which may lead to a reduction under Hillingdon’s Fairer Charging Policy.

Personal care: (personal needs such as getting up, washing, dressing etc). Some tenants will pay for all of their care, while others may make a contribution or may not be charged at all. Your care needs will be assessed by the council and the services that you need will be shown in your care plan.

The Extra Care Schemes make sure there are care staff available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Because of this the charges are based on a fixed weekly charge plus a charge for the care you need and which is shown in your care plan. The actual contribution you make towards the cost is worked out for you by the council.

Can I afford Extra Care Housing?

You will pay rent under a tenancy agreement with Paradigm Housing Group. Depending on your income, you may qualify for housing benefit for your rent. If you get Housing Benefit or Income Support you may also be entitled to free care and support services. You may qualify for benefits to meet all or part of your costs.

How do I apply?

If you think that you might need Extra Care housing, Hillingdon Council will arrange for you to be assessed. They can then advise you whether Extra Care housing is appropriate for you. It is usually only considered when other options have been tried to enable you to continue living in your own home. A panel of social care and housing representatives make the decision about whether you are accepted for Extra Care housing.

What to do next?

For more information about Extra Care housing please contact the Hillingdon Council's Extra Care Team at or telephone 01895 277724 or 01895 556365. You can download their fact file about Extra Care Housing  here