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Preparing your property

Many landlords who can't face the prospect of finding a tenant, sorting out an electrician or collecting monthly rental payments, choose to hand over the responsibility to a dedicated team like Paradigm. We find suitable tenants and manage the property for you, at no extra cost.

Before we lease your property, we will check

  • to be good quality, self- contained accommodation
  • to be located in North London, West London, Slough, Watford, Broxbourne or East Hertfordshire
  • to be structurally sound
  • the kitchen and bathroom to be in good condition
  • bedroom sizes that conform to local authority standards
  • a seperate living room
  • loft insulation
  • a self - closing fire door to the kitchen *
  • a fire risk assessment for communal areas *
  • a working lift for flats on the third floor or higher *
  • gas central heating or electric storage heaters throughout
  • a bathroom with bath (subject to property - type)
  • durable linoleum floor - coverings in the kitchen and bathroom
  • well - maintained shared areas (if applicable)
  • sufficient ventilation
  • front access if it is a flat above a shop*
  • smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and heat sensors *

All properties must have a fully working, checked and certified cooker, fridge and freezer, and appropriate floorings, nets and curtains. Some properties may need furniture. Please contact us for full details.

*subject to survey