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Natasha Biggs

Human Resources Business Partner

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I am a Human Resources Business Partner at Paradigm, working in our brand new state-of-the-art offices at Glory Park.

There is not really a typical day working in Human Resources, but that is something I love because I don’t know what’s in store for me. This role gives me so many opportunities to meet and learn from people within the business.

Before I joined Paradigm I was really impressed with everyone I met and the whole interview process. They all seemed really positive and energised about working here and where they saw the company heading.

Another area that really struck me when I joined the organisation was how many people could tell me about how their careers had progressed. Paradigm really recognises the importance of this and seems to have a desire to see people develop. They also really recognise that whilst developing others they are in turn developing their business.

For someone considering working for us, I would say that we are a company with great benefits, great opportunities and we are a great team, so it should be an easy decision.