Annual Report to Residents 2018/19

This year, we have spent £22.7 million investing in and improving our homes, with a strong focus on safety and compliance.

It has also been an exciting year for resident involvement, including the appointment of our new Resident Services Panel; you can hear from George Assibey, the Chair, in the report.

Download the full Annual Report to Residents below or you can read on for a short summary.

Plus Plus Where your money goes

Plus Plus Maintaining your home

We spent £22.7 million in 2018/19 on repairing and improving our homes. Our overall repairs cost per property was £737; this has increased as we have spent more on safety.

Plus Plus At your service

We resolved 69% of general tenancy related issues and 72% of calls about repairs at the first point of contact.

70.8% of calls into our call centre were answered within 20 seconds.

We dealt with 259 cases of anti-social behaviour. 82% of ASB cases were considered by customers as resolved when surveyed 6 months after the case closure date.

Plus Plus Your feedback

Hearing what’s important to you helps us to improve our services.

In 2018/19, we received 429 complaints. You told us:

  • It takes to long to progress repairs and we don’t keep you updated
  • You have concerns about the way we handle more complex queries, telling us we don’t always get back to you quickly enough
  • Our homeowners told us they are unhappy with the way we manage defect repairs after they’ve moved into their new home

We have listened to your feedback and made improvements over the last year. You can find out more about these in the full Annual Report to Residents.

Plus Plus Building new homes

Our vision is to provide affordable homes for those who need them most.

In 2018/19 we built 350 new homes. This is fewer than last year, as we are focusing on making sure new homes meet our high quality standards. This means we have delayed accepting some new homes from builders, and we have put a new strategy in place where we buy land ourselves and we seek to work with key partners to develop it.

Plus Plus Resident involvement

We had an excellent response to our customer survey and are now using the feedback you gave us to make improvements to a number of services.

Our Resident Services Panel were recruited in April and will be also be helping us to improve our services for residents.

Plus Plus Homeowners

In our customer survey you told us you thought we could improve in some areas. We’ve already made some improvements, such as recruiting a new Aftercare Officer to help Shared Owners with any teething problems when they move into their new home.