Our Annual Report to Residents 2019/20

Despite a challenging end to the year, we have worked hard to deliver a good service for our residents. We've made positive changes to the way we deliver some of our services, in response to your feedback. For example, we have appointed new cleaning and waste management contractors. This has led to increased satisfaction in these areas.

Read on for a summary of our performance over the past year or download the full Annual Report to Residents below.

Plus Plus Coping with COVID-19

In March, as we were coming to the end of the financial year, the COVID-19 crisis struck. We had to make big changes to the way we worked, to keep residents and staff safe.

During lockdown we:

  • Identified and called over 4,500 residents who we felt might need extra support
  • Completed 480 out-of-hours repairs, fixed 731 washing facilities and completed 5,122 gas services
  • Safely carried out 100% of our scheduled compliance checks on our estates.

The safety of our staff and residents has remained our top priority during this challenging time.

Plus Plus Your home

Our Property Services team have continued to deliver an excellent service for our customers.

  • We attended 99.4% of emergency repair jobs within 24 hours, compared to 97% last year
  • On average, we attended non-emergency repairs within 13 days
  • We spent £25.8m on improving and repairing homes.

Plus Plus At your service

  • Our Customer Service team answered 75.8% of calls within 20 seconds, a 5% improvement on last year.
  • The contact centre answered 135,464 calls; that’s 3,174 calls more than last year!
  • We dealt with 264 cases of Anti-social Behaviour, of which 82% of cases were considered by customers as resolved when the case was closed.

Plus Plus Helping us improve

  • 71 empty properties and 60 estates were checked by our Resident Quality Inspectors
  • Residents were involved in the procurement of 2 contractors, helping us get the right contractor for the job.
  • Residents had the chance to feedback on changes to policies including our timescales for heating repairs in winter and changes to fixed term and starter tenancies.

Plus Plus Homeowners

We’ve worked hard to make positive improvements for our homeowners and 88.3% of of new homeowners were either very or fairly satisfied 12 months after moving into their new home

  • 71% of you told us you were satisfied with the maintenance of your estates, compared to 37% last year
  • 62% of you told us you are satisfied with repairs and maintenance of your building, a big improvement compared to 27% last year.

Plus Plus Your feedback

  • We’ve seen a 15% percent reduction in complaints over the last three years.
  • We received 990 compliments and 366 complaints
  • As part of our rolling customer satisfaction survey, 80% of general needs residents told us they were satisfied with the service we provide.

Plus Plus Your neighbourhood

  • We built 399 new homes; 239 for shared ownership, 97 for rent and 63 for private sale
  • We also marked a key milestone in our history, our 15,000th home.