Asset management

We have a relatively modern stock of homes, most of which are conventional houses and flats of traditional construction. They are in relatively good condition and have benefitted from well-organised cyclical repairs, so that the current Decent Homes Standard is met.

However, the challenges facing Asset Management, not just at Paradigm but for the sector, have never been greater. We need homes that meet the needs of our customers, are financially viable, safe and sustainable for the future.

Our asset management strategy sets out our aims to:

Plus Plus Provide safe homes

We have good, well-established regimes for ensuring the safety of our homes and we’ll continue to manage, deliver and review these to drive zero failure performance. We have very few higher risk residential buildings in our stock but still need to make sure our approach to building safety meets the planned new regulatory regime. A key task will be providing more accessible information to residents and improved ways for them to raise safety concerns.

Plus Plus Make our homes and businesses environmentally sustainable

Our new asset management strategy includes plans to reduce the carbon emissions of our homes to net zero by 2050, accessing government backed funding wherever possible. We’ll also have a sustainability strategy to consider wider factors, such as how we mitigate the effects of extreme weather on our buildings and how we can contribute to reducing fuel poverty amongst our residents.

Plus Plus Use data to improve our decision making

We’ll make sure we have data on our assets that is complete, reliable, detailed and well structured, so that we can invest our resources in a data driven way.

Plus Plus Optimise our assets to provide more for customers

This includes continuing to deliver value for money investment programmes on our existing homes, that support our net zero carbon goal and maintain our financial viability. We need to regularly assess our assets to ensure they are performing to their potential and supporting our customer’s needs.

It also means making sure new affordable homes are future-proofed to meet standards for environmental performance.

Plus Plus Make sure we have the right resources to deliver

We need to recruit people with the right specialist skills and experience, as well as developing the skills we’ll need in the future from within the business. We will expand and reorganise our Property Directorate, to provide the range of coordinated and professional functions needed to deliver our strategy. Our transformation programme will help make sure we have improved systems and processes that support our goals, demonstrating a commitment to the efficient and progressive management of our homes and estates.

Plus Plus Create alliances that benefit our customers

Our stock swap with The Guinness Partnership will enable us to better concentrate our resources and provide value for money services for residents. We’ll continue to pursue opportunities to collaborate with other landlords where this might bring better returns for residents and the environment. We’ll also work with our Development team and our partners to ensure new homes fit the objectives of our Asset Management Strategy.

Our 5 year strategy targets

£40m investment in energy efficiency of lower performing homes
100% compliance with statutory and regulatory standards
85% customer satisfaction with repairs service

How we're doing so far

Plus Plus Our progress against this strategy

At March 2023, work is in progress to deliver outcomes or achieve objectives over the strategy period in relation to:

  • Safety
  • Validated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data and work programmes
  • Buildings defects, and
  • Professional asset management function.
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