Prompt payment

Paradigm Housing Group is a signatory to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills Prompt Payment Code.

The Prompt Payment Code is about encouraging and promoting best practice between organisations and their suppliers. Signatories to the Code commit to paying their suppliers within clearly defined terms – for Paradigm Housing Group this is 30 days – and commit to ensuring there is a proper process for dealing with any issues that may arise.

Read our Prompt Payment Guide for Suppliers for more information about our No PO, No Pay policy and how to submit invoices to ensure you get paid promptly.

This means that suppliers can build stronger relationships with their customers, safe in the knowledge that they will be paid, and confident that they are working with a business that values the service they deliver.

Certainty on payment inspires confidence through the whole supply chain – confidence that stimulates investment and growth. This confidence is good for both suppliers and customers.

The data below shows our recent prompt payment performance.

Invoices paid within 30 days

As part of our openness and transparency we are now required to publish the % of invoices paid within 30 days.

Expenditure over £500

We are now publishing expenditure over £500 incurred on our development projects that have received grant funding from the HCA since 1 October 2011.