Annual Report to Residents 2016-17

You can see below some of the highlights of our year and our key achievements.

As ever, we have enjoyed working with residents to help us improve our services.

Read below how Andrea Cathnott has helped to make a difference as one of our Resident Quality Inspectors – we’re grateful to everyone who has given up their time to make sure we are delivering services that residents value.

As we move forward our vision remains the same:

To make the very best use of our resources so we can provide new affordable homes and a fair deal for existing residents.

Plus Plus Hear from Andrea, one of our resident quality inspectors

I have been a resident quality inspector (RQI) for a few years now and really enjoy the work that we do. Our work involves inspecting the grounds and communal areas of estates and rating whether (in our opinion) the condition of these areas meets/exceeds or fails the contractual standards of Paradigm.

I feel that we offer an independent view (as another resident in a voluntary capacity) and provide ratings according to a standard clearly set out and also one that we would expect to find in our respective estates.

RQI’s listen to other residents and feedback to Housing Officers and other relevant third parties of areas of interests and concerns that residents may have or that we have seen upon estate inspections. We also raise awareness of any repairs that are urgent or substantial.

I have worked in Housing for a number of years and decided to volunteer to become an RQI as I thought that I would be able to apply the knowledge and skills that I have attained in my “day job” to the role. I feel that I am further enhancing and improving my skills as it has required me to be very observant and rate/score an inspection objectively as well as improving my IT skills (photographic evidence uploads and report writing) in addition to becoming familiar with the Paradigm ethos and their values.

I like to think that the work that we do adds value and assists Paradigm with ensuring that the standards set for contractors are met or exceeded. Other residents have enquired as to what I am doing when on inspections and seem to feel at ease when I say that I am a voluntary resident and are more comfortable in discussing issues relating to their estate with another resident.

We receive feedback every quarter on RQI’s performance and reports for the previous season. This is so that we can view what action has been carried out, which estates have improved and those that have further improvements to be made and how our inspection ratings compare with the estate officers.

I feel overall that the progress made in the last year has been good, there is always more that needs to be done but the majority of estates are well maintained and so we focus on keeping them that way and improve the condition of those that require more attention. I look forward to further improvements and positive progression in 2018.

Some of our key achievements from 2016-17

Taking care of our homes

With the help of our tenants, we take a proactive approach to ensure our properties are well maintained and kept in a good state of repair.

All our properties meet the Decent Homes Standard; this means that they are safe, have reasonably modern facilities and effective heating and insulation.

To ensure we remain compliant with the Decent Homes Standard, whilst also maintaining value for money for our residents, we install new components, such as kitchens and bathrooms, on a rolling basis as the old ones need replacing. This means that the numbers we refurbish or newly install may vary year on year.

For 2017/18 and beyond, our new Asset Management Strategy will focus on delivering upgrades that deliver impact and efficiency.

In addition, we carry out all work identified by our Fire Risk Assessment programme, and all Fire Risk Assessments are regularly reviewed and kept up-to-date.

Plus Plus Surplus

Surplus to reinvest in the business, build new homes and provide services to residents.

2016/17 2015/16
Surplus £33.8m £21.1m

Plus Plus Savings

2016/17 2015/16
Money saved by tendering contracts £200,452 £178,500
Money saved by querying council tax bills £186,226 £168,200
Money saved by querying utility bills £185,387 £89,600

Plus Plus Our homes


2016/17 2015/16
New homes built or bought 403 542
New boilers installed 426 492
Money spent maintaining and improving homes  £19.1m £24.3m
New roofs installed  31 31
Number of repairs carried out 32,431 34,194
Refurbished and newly installed kitchens  213 257
New windows and doors fitted  96 175
Fully refurbished bathrooms  183 234
Insulation and affordable warmth £202,573 £1,113,750

Plus Plus Our customers

2016/17 2015/16
Compliments received 1002 885
Complaints logged 423 575
Repairs fixed first time 87% 89%
Gas safety certificates in date 99.97% 100%
Rent arrears (arrears as a % of rent due, adjusted rolling 4 week average) 2.72% 2.80%
Residents helped by our tenancy sustainment team  272 205
Customers who rated their repairs satisfactory or better  80% 81%
Re-Lets  806 851
Mutual Exchanges 178 164
Initial Shared Ownership Sales  152 196
Evictions due to arrears  61 55

Plus Plus Anti-social behaviour

2016/17 2015/16
Number of reported ASB incidents 391 430
% of ASB incidents resolved 97.6% 96.10%

Plus Plus Involved residents

2016/17 2015/16
Forum and committee meetings with involved residents 27 35
Involved residents 79 89


Property inspections carried out by residents:

2016/17 2015/16
Voids 53 51
Estates 150 240

Plus Plus Paradigm Foundation

2016/17 2015/16
Funds donated to the Paradigm Foundation £350,000 £318,000
Grants awarded 40 57



Paradigm’s growth and financial performance means that it continues to be able to provide significant support to the Paradigm Foundation. The Paradigm Foundation is a registered charity that operates independently to provide grants which will improve the lives of individuals and communities in the places where Paradigm operates.

The Foundation’s achievements during 2016-17 include:

  • £70k grants awarded to Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABs) across the areas in which Paradigm operates, to enable their work providing debt advice, counselling and support.
  • A further £50k per year to support the Bucks Money Advice Service for the next two years. Established through joint working with Chiltern, Wycombe and Aylesbury CABs, the service was launched in June 2016 and had its 1000th customer in May 2017. The CAB estimated the financial benefits to service users as £450k. We plan to work with other CABs and registered providers to promote similar joint approaches across other geographical areas so that even more people can benefit; and have started with Welwyn-Hatfield CAB in Hertfordshire.
  • £120k grants provided to a number of other not-for-profit organisations and community groups across the areas in which Paradigm operates to underpin wide-ranging projects including: The Oasis Partnership, supporting people with dependency on drug and alcohol; Home Start, supporting families; ToolShed, offering further education, training and business skills for young people in more deprived areas; and local youth clubs.
  • 18 small individual grants allocated to Paradigm residents for education and training, including work-based schemes to help them into employment, and relief of financial hardship.

Find out more about the Paradigm Foundation and how to apply for a grant on the Foundation’s website.