ASB – your views

Posted on the 12th January 2021

Last year, we carried out a short snapshot survey of residents who have reported anti-social behaviour to us within the past two years, where the case has been closed.

We wanted to know more about residents’ expectations of and satisfaction with the way ASB cases are handled.

This snapshot of closed ASB cases has given us a great starting point to carry out further research on more recently closed ASB cases.

Telephone surveys
Starting early in 2021, we will be conducting further research on more recent ASB closed cases via a telephone survey that we will do on a continuous basis, gathering much the same information as we did for the snapshot survey last year.

SMS surveys
We don’t want to wait for an ASB case to be closed to start gathering insights and learning about your experience. We will therefore also be carrying out text message surveys with residents 4+ weeks after an ASB case has been opened to understand their satisfaction with the process at that point.

If you raise an ASB issue with us you may be selected to participate in these surveys; if so we would encourage you to take the time to give us your views so that we can use your experiences and insight to continue to improve our services. Both surveys will be on-going and all information gathered from participating residents will be confidential.

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