Can you help make-a-difference@Paradigm?

Posted on the 16th February 2022

We have big plans to transform our service to you – and we would like our customers’ help!

We’re looking at all the services we provide and HOW we provide them, including our online services for customers. We need customers – anyone over 18 living in a Paradigm home – to help us make sure what we plan really meets your needs and preferences. For example, which services are most important for you to be able to do online? Or what ideas do you have about how we keep you informed about appointments and progress (like those we get from delivery companies with updates)?

You don’t need any experience – just a genuine interest in what we do and ideas for how we can improve.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be able to shape our services and how we deliver them in the future. If you’re someone who has ideas about improvements, or are passionate about online services, we need you!

This might help you develop additional skills if you’re looking for a career in this area in the future and be great for your CV. Or you might be someone who already has an interest or experience and some free time you want to give back.

We recognise the time, effort and commitment this will take – if you get involved you  will receive a voucher (which can be used at a range of shops and online) for each meeting or activity you are involved in.

What will it involve?
To start with, we will have a few meetings together, to discuss your ideas and explain the plan we’re working on. Then later in the year when we’re a bit further forward, we will be asking you to help us with things like looking at how new online services might look and giving us your views and testing how they work. We want everyone to be able to get involved so please let us know if you have any special requirements which will support you. This includes borrowing IT equipment or help paying for a babysitter or carer so you can take part in the meetings and reimbursing travel costs.

Our first meeting will take place towards the end of March, date to be confirmed.

What happens next?
If you want to make-a-difference@Paradigm, please get in touch by Friday 4 March, either by emailing or contacting Customer Services on 0300 303 1010 and asking to speak to Rachel Whitrod, Customer Involvement Lead.


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