Your experience with Paradigm during the COVID-19 lockdown

Posted on the 5th October 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has bought about many challenges for all of us, including for Paradigm. We have had to quickly adapt the way we work and deliver services, in order to keep our residents and staff safe. To help us understand the impact these changes have had, we worked with our research partner, IFF, to survey a group of residents. We asked questions that focused on how we have communicated, the level of information we provided and how easy it was to contact us.

Overall, the results of the survey were positive and residents felt more satisfied with Paradigm as a landlord than before lockdown.


87% of general needs residents and 62% of homeowners said they were satisfied with Paradigm as a landlord compared to 80% and 56% at the end of 2019/20.


Here’s what you told us:

Plus Plus Here's what you told us:

  • 78% of residents confirmed they had received communication from us
  • 86% of general needs and 74% of homeowners were happy with the information given by Paradigm
  • 43% of all our customers contacted us during this time
  • 86% of customers surveyed said they found us easy to access
  • 91% of the vulnerable customers we contacted by phone found this useful.

Some of the positive themes from the comments of those surveyed were:

  • Good service/reassuring/concerned/thoughtful/caring/helpful/nice/lovely person
  • Surprised at call but appreciated it
  • Offered help if needed
  • Did well/couldn’t do more/marvellous/can’t complain/professional
  • Good/brilliant/did best they can.

However, some residents also commented that the information provided wasn’t always up-to-date when they received it, or wasn’t specifically relevant to them. They also said that Paradigm acted similarly to other companies, who were also providing regular updates at the time.

The survey will help us learn from what has worked well and where our residents have been satisfied with how we have managed contact with them during this difficult time. Our findings will also help us to adapt our approach in some areas going forwards, so we can keep improving the experience for our customers.

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