Our customer insight and involvement strategy

Posted on the 22nd August 2018

We want our customers to be satisfied with the services we provide. We want to meet the needs and expectations of our customers wherever possible and deliver services that our customers value.

To do this we need to understand our customers’ needs, expectations and views. This will help us to make decisions that improve the way we deliver our services and increase customer experience and satisfaction.

To help with this, we will be inviting residents to carry out a short feedback survey, giving them the chance to let us know how we’re doing.

The feedback we receive will be invaluable in helping us to understand where we should invest our attention so we can deliver a better service to our residents. We’ll be sharing the results later in the year so you know what we’re working on.

We’ve asked an independent research partner, Maru/edr, to undertake this research on our behalf.

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