Foyer is helping young people into work

Posted on the 20th September 2017

Grateful Foyer resident Lou Shambrook says his life has been transformed thanks to invaluable help and support from Paradigm staff.

Lou, who has recently secured a full time job at Tesco, was unemployed before being signposted to a traineeship scheme by Employment, Training and Move-On Officer Elaine Rixon.

“If it wasn’t for Paradigm staff, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today,” says Lou. “I am very grateful for all the hard work put in by the staff at the Foyer, especially Elaine and Donna Chrichton for motivating me and supporting me though the course.

“Elaine is the person who referred me to the course. She thought it would be suitable for me because of the situation that I was in.

“My key worker Donna has also been incredibly supportive throughout my traineeship and encouraged me to work at my best potential.

“I am now starting a full time, well paid job because of all the hard work put in by the staff at the Foyer.”

Elaine is delighted with Lou’s success and says: “Seeing young people succeed makes our job feel so worthwhile.

“We are so pleased that Lou found his feet on his traineeship and very proud that he is now working. We’re confident that he will achieve his goals. This is what makes our job worthwhile.”

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