Grant support for a learning disability charity

Posted on the 19th January 2022

We’re delighted to award grant funding of £8,000 to the autism and learning disability charity Talkback.

The funding will support the Advice Bureau’s service providing one-to-one practical advice sessions for people with a learning disability or autism, and will also develop information and resources online in accessible easy read language.

Talkback helps those who live independently who may struggle when problems arise outside of their normal day-to-day routine by finding the right information or person needed to resolve the issue.

Matthew Bailes said: “Alongside the grant funded Advice Project, Talkback will work in partnership with us to support residents struggling to communicate what they would like help with due to autism or learning disability. Talkback can meet with the resident in person or by phone and help them think through the issue before talking to Paradigm teams about potential solutions or alternative support services.

“We are really pleased to have this positive opportunity to tailor our support to meet the needs of people with a learning disability and/or autism.”

Jeremy Hay, CEO of Talkback replied: “We are delighted to receive a generous grant from Paradigm Housing for the development of our Talkback Advice Bureau service.

“Talkback supports people with a learning disability and autistic individuals to embrace new opportunities and develop the tools to thrive in their lives. Our Advice Bureau, supported by Paradigm, will provide advice when people experience a practical issue in their lives.”

To find out more about Talkback, visit their website here.

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