Improving the experience of new build customers

Posted on the 10th May 2021

Although it can be lovely to move into a brand new home, we know there can also be pain points that crop up for our customers.

We want to know more about this and so will be conducting surveys with customers that have moved into a new build home.

  • We will start by surveying tenants and homeowners who have moved into a newbuild within the last two years.

This will show us general trends and will be a starting point for two further survey types.

We will survey homeowners and tenants moving into new build homes at two points in the process:

  • About one month after moving into a new build home, allowing us to capture early feedback about the moving process
  •  Around 13 months after moving in, asking customers to reflect on the first 12 months in their home.

We will use all the information we collect to improve the experience of customers moving into new homes.

Telephone or on-line surveys will be used and not every customer that has moved into a new build will be contacted. All information gathered will be treated confidentially. These surveys will be carried out on our behalf by IFF Research.

Telephone interview are attempted Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and Saturday, 11am to 4pm and the incoming call will come from 0208 049 5758

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