Do you know what Paradigm apprentices do?

Posted on the 7th March 2019

To mark the end of National Apprenticeship Week I’d like to share what being an apprentice at Paradigm is like.

I’m Sara (hello!) and I have been an apprentice in Asset Management for the past 6 months.

After I left 6th form I was a bit lost about how to answer the “so what do you want to do” question. I had no plans for uni and was worried about getting stuck in an entry-level job where I might not receive much investment in my career development. I thought an apprenticeship would be a good way to learn on the job and be upskilled.

My apprenticeship course, Level 3 Business Admin, gets me to learn about how businesses are successfully run. I have 21 modules to learn about which range from project management principles to understanding the impact of laws and regulations on businesses. 20% of my work hours must be devoted to learning about business and developing my skill set. I’m assigned a supervisor who visits me every month to set tasks, provide training, and keep an eye on my progress.

Paradigm has been very supportive in helping me achieve my apprenticeship and career goals. At the forefront has been my manager Kelly Bates. My apprenticeship supervisor from Bucks Adult Learning has mentioned on many occasions how impressed she is with Kelly. She has been really involved in supporting my development and creating opportunities for me. This is not always the case with some companies who have a very “hands off” approach in training apprentices, so I’m very grateful for Kelly’s efforts.

I’d also like to thank the many people who have taken the time to help me with my apprenticeship. Firstly the Asset Management team for their continuous support and providing me with lots of opportunities to get involved in interesting projects; and the Customer Services team, PSL team, and Housing team for inviting me to shadow and attend meetings.

Many individuals have taken time out of their busy schedules to help me complete modules. Specifically Marie Morgan-Geary from Business Transformation, David Wilson from Finance, Kamaran Rasheed and Holly Adesokan from Policy, John McNeill from Lettings and Allocations, James Lewis from Procurement, Holli Willis from Asset Management, and many others who have been cornered in the kitchen by my questions!

Overall I have found Paradigm to be an excellent supporter of apprenticeship training. People have been very open and welcoming in sharing their knowledge and advice, and I’ve been given lots of opportunities to get stuck in, learn, and grow. Thank you all.

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