Management of our bulk waste services

Posted on the 8th November 2019

We are looking to enter into a new contract for the collection of bulk waste on our estates and in common areas where we have management responsibility.

Every month, our Estates team check the communal areas inside and outside of your block. As part of these inspections they check to make sure communal areas are free from rubbish or other items that may prevent a quick escape in the event of a fire.

If we can identify where these items came from, we’ll ask the individual or household to remove them. But if we don’t know who the items belong to or the rubbish isn’t removed despite our warning, we have to ask our contractor to remove it. If we have evidence to prove an individual is responsible for dumping the rubbish we can re-charge them for the cost of removal, but normally we have to pass the cost back to the block as part of your service charge.

This is a service that you already pay for through your service charge. We always strive to minimise these costs, which is why we are looking for a new waste management contractor.

We are now consulting with residents on this new contract. You can find out more information about how to share your views in the FAQs below.

Plus Plus Why are you charging me?

We have a duty of care to remove any bulk waste for health and safety reasons.

Where we are unable to locate the owner of the bulk waste that has been dumped we have to recharge to the whole estate.

Plus Plus Where is this charge shown on my service charge?

This will have been included in your service charge under the heading ‘Cleaning – inc estate’

We will be looking to create a separate heading for the bulk removal on your service charge statement.

Plus Plus Why don’t we have CCTV to catch people fly-tipping?

The cost of installing and managing a CCTV system is costly and would need to be recharged to residents through the service charges. There are also significant legalities that need to be considered before installing CCTV.

Plus Plus How many properties are affected?

Over 8000.

Plus Plus Why do you do this?

We have always provided this service to residents where we maintain the communal area. We are looking to enter a new contract in order to ensure we continue to provide good value for money alongside a quality service.

Plus Plus Why should I pay for someone else’s rubbish?

We look to recharge any resident where we have evidence that they have ‘fly tipped’ – and we would ask any resident to report any incidents of fly tipping to us to enable us to recharge that tenant, and not the full estate. To report any ‘fly tipping’ please contact customer services on 0300 303 1010 , option 3.

Plus Plus How long will the contract run for?

3 years, with options to extend each year for a further 2 years (so potentially 5 in total).

Plus Plus What should I do with my large or heavy items that I want to get rid of?

You can arrange for collection from your local authority.

Plus Plus How much does the service cost?

Currently the approximate annual cost is £300,000 per year for all the estates we are responsible for. This cost only includes the removal of bulk waste that needs to be removed following fly tipping.
Costs are charged only if bulk waste needs to be removed following fly tipping.

Plus Plus What is covered in the current contract?

Collection of dumped and fly tipped items, in all communal areas.

Plus Plus What could change as part of the new contract?

Following recent customer surveys, we also want to improve the communal bin areas as part of this new contract. We welcome further feedback on this as part of this consultation.

Plus Plus How do I make my thoughts known?

We are in consultation with you and welcome your feedback. Please submit this in writing no later than 6th December. You can write to us at; 1 Glory Park Avenue, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0DF.

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