Coronavirus – paying your rent

If you are unable to work because you are self-isolating, and this means you are having trouble paying your rent, please contact us soon as you can so that we can support you. If you have any concerns, you can contact us on 0300 303 1010.

We have provided some information below that you may find helpful, depending on your individual circumstances.

Plus Plus If you are made unemployed

If you are affected by coronavirus you will be able to apply for Universal Credit and can receive up to a month’s advance upfront without physically attending a jobcentre. For more information visit:


Plus Plus If you receive benefits to help pay your rent

If you are unemployed or have a low income, you can apply for Universal Credit to help with your housing and living costs. You can also request up to a month’s advance payment without physically attending a job centre. For more information and to make an application for Universal Credit visit

Please note that If you live in “Temporary” or “Supported” Accommodation, you will need to make two applications: one for Housing Benefit for help with your rent; and one for Universal Credit for help with your living costs.

You could also be eligible for Council Tax Reduction if you’re on a low income or claim benefits. Your bill could be reduced by up to 100%. You can apply if you own your home, rent, are unemployed or working.

To check your entitlement to benefits or to see how claiming Universal Credit will affect your income, you can use an online benefit calculator. For more information, visit: benefit calculator.

Plus Plus Sick pay if you are self-isolating

The government has made changes to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to ensure people in work can take time off if they need to stay at home due to coronavirus, either because they are unwell or self-isolating.

The changes include;

  • If you can’t work due to coronavirus, you will get SSP from day one, rather than the fourth day you are off sick
  • Statutory Sick Pay will be available to those who are self-isolating in line with government advice, as well as those who are unwell due to coronavirus.

Statutory Sick Pay is £94.25 a week.

You can find out more information about this on the government website here.

Plus Plus What if I’m self-employed

If you are self-employed and on Universal Credit, and you are required to stay at home or are ill due to coronavirus, you will not have a Minimum Income Floor (an assumed level of income) applied for a period of time while affected. You can read more about this here.

The government have now introduced a self-employment income support scheme available for you to claim if you’re self-employed.

Plus Plus If you are a shared owner

You should speak to your mortgage provider if you are struggling with your finances, they may be able to provide a mortgage payment holiday, extension and/or a repayment plans.