Our current service

You can find an update on our current services below. Please check back as we will keep this page updated as things change.

For more information, see the FAQs below:

Plus Plus Can I still log a routine repair or other problem to be dealt with when things return to normal?

You can still call us and report a non-urgent repair. However, we won’t always be able to complete these within our normal timescales as we are still working hard to catch up on the non-urgent work we were unable to complete as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Please be assured we will contact you as soon as we are able to complete your repair and if you have already contacted us, there is no need to call us again.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Plus Plus I have already reported a non-urgent job but now it really needs doing? What shall I do?

You don’t need to call us again if you have already reported the job. If your non-urgent job becomes more serious do contact the call centre, but only if it now meets our emergency criteria. You can see our list of emergency jobs here.

Plus Plus What about my new kitchen or bathroom replacement, will it still go ahead?

We have now started to do some planned improvement work in our customers’ homes, such as installing new kitchens and bathrooms.

We will be asking residents to take some addition steps to help us keep you safe, like staying in another room whilst the technician is in your home.

Plus Plus I have a repair that needs doing but I am vulnerable – how can you do the job safely?

We’re asking all our customers to observe social distancing and may also ask you to take some additional steps to help us keep you safe. These include moving to another room whilst the technician is in your home and ventilating your home by opening windows if you can.

Our technicians will also be taking extra precautions, such as wiping down the surfaces they have touched before they leave your home. If you would like our engineer to wear overshoes please advise us before the appointment or ask the engineer when they arrive to complete your repair.

Plus Plus What can I do to allow the technician to safely carry out repairs in my home?

COVID-19 is best managed through social distancing and practicing good hygiene such as regular hand washing. You can also help us keep you safe by making sure you and your family members remain in another room while the technician is in your home. You should also try to keep the area well ventilated, so please open windows in the room the repair will take place in, if you can. It would also be helpful to open internal doors to limit the surfaces, such as door handles, that the technician touches.

Please help us to keep you, and our staff, safe. If a technician is working in your home and you do not practise social distancing, they may have to leave before the job is complete. This is for your, and their safety.

Plus Plus Are you still selling properties?

We are still selling properties and have processes in place to ensure that viewings and sale completions can take place safely, with appropriate social distancing and in compliance with government guidelines.

Plus Plus Are you still letting properties?

Yes we are still accepting nominations from local authorities. Our teams are taking videos and photographs of homes so that prospective residents can view them online.

Plus Plus Can I now register for a mutual exchange?

We are starting to process mutual exchanges and will be doing this in priority order.  Please continue to contact us if you would like to register for a mutual exchange.

Plus Plus When will my grass be cut and the grounds maintenance go back to normal?

Our contractors have been carrying out a reduced service, focusing on essentials like mowing the lawn. They are now planning a phased return, working towards offering a full grounds maintenance service by September.

Although it will take several months to catch up on the backlog of work which has been postponed, you should start to see changes from the beginning of July.

By the end of August, they hope to get back to a fortnightly schedule to cut your grass.

Please continue to be patient during this time, we will catch up as soon as we possibly can.