Anti-social behaviour

In a perfect world, we would like everyone living in our homes to get on and have a great quality of life– but sometimes this isn’t possible.

This is sometimes due to anti-social behaviour (ASB), which can range from playing music too loudly, parking and littering, to committing a serious criminal activity – such as domestic abuse, vandalism, drug dealing and hate crime.

Anti-social behaviour is also a breach of your Tenancy Agreement, which means that in extreme cases we can take court action or even evict the offender.

If you’re experiencing anti-social behaviour in the first instance you should:

  1. See what happens: if someone is playing music loudly, this could just be a one-off and might not happen again
  2. Have a chat: speak to your neighbour to try and resolve the problem. They may not have realised that they were being a nuisance.

If the issues continue then you can contact us to discuss this further. We will provide you with advice on how best to proceed. This advice could include steps you can take (eg. contacting your local authority noise nuisance team) or things we could do to assist you.

Abandoned vehicles

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned or parked on Paradigm land without permission, please contact us.