How can I get involved?

If you’re one of our residents and would like to help us to improve our services, then you are in the right place.

We’re keen for our residents to be involved in the key decisions that we make here at Paradigm.

You can get involved with something quick and easy – like a survey about a service you’ve received, or something more long-term like being a part of our Resident Services Panel, where you’ll help to scrutinise and improve our performance.

If you’re thinking of getting involved but don’t have a lot of spare time, you can still make your voice heard.

We’ll support you

When you help us, we’ll provide you with the support you need – whether that’s reimbursing your travel expenses, contributing towards your childcare or carer costs, or setting a meeting time or date that suits you best.

Some of our involvement activities are incentivised; we will let you know if you can claim a gift voucher for taking part.  Many of our involvement activities take place online using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to enable everyone to join in regardless of where you liveIf we do hold meetings in person, we will arrange your transport if you don’t have your own and cannot use public transport, and we will provide disabled access at all meeting venues.  

Sometimes our surveying partner, IFF Research, will conduct surveys on our behalf or support us with our involvement activities.  

You can find out about the opportunities to get involved with us below. 

If you’ve decided how you would like to get involved or want to find out moreplease contact us. 

Plus Plus The Readership

You can help us from the comfort of your own home by reading and giving us feedback on any new customer documents, leaflets or literature – which we’ll email to youNot so interested in documents? Then maybe you would prefer to help us test our website and online portal updates before they go live.  

Plus Plus Task and Finish Groups

Make an impact by joining our ‘Task and Finish Groups’, where you’ll submit your ideas and take part in discussions on how we can tackle specific problemor issues. We may also ask you to tell us about your experience using a service that we are looking to adapt or change.  

Plus Plus Resident Quality Inspectors

Train to become a resident quality inspector, where you’ll regularly check the standard of our estates and empty properties against our specifications and contract agreements and then give your feedback. You will normally visit sites away from home and so you will need to travel to and from an agreed location.  

Plus Plus Resident Services Panel

The Resident Services Panel are responsible for examining Paradigms performance in the customer facing areas of our business. They then provide recommendations for improvement to senior staff and their Board Champions. The group meets regularly and plays an important roleworking collaboratively with Paradigm to bring about positive changes to the services we provide.  

Plus Plus Surveys

From time to time, we’ll ask for feedback from our customers in the form of an online or telephone survey – which will help us to improve our services. Our surveying partner IFF Research may also contact you and ask you a series of questions relating to a particular service area or your views about Paradigm.