Who to contact in an emergency

If you need to report an emergency repair, then you’re in the right place.

To report a gas leak, or total loss of electricity or water supply, you’ll need to speak to the relevant contact(s) below.

Plus Plus Gas

If you smell gas, please phone the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 immediately.

Do not use anything electrical or anything with a naked flame until they have told you it is safe to do so. They will make the situation safe.

This is a free service.

Plus Plus Electricity (total loss of power)

We will attend as an emergency where there is a total loss of electricity and this is not caused by an appliance or a power outage from the utility provider.

It is your responsibility to check with the utility provider and to ensure that the fault is not caused by an appliance. If we attend and the fault is caused by an appliance you will be recharged for the visit.

We will not visit you if the power loss is as a result of a power cut or you not having credit or your electricity meter or key card.

To check if there is a power cut in your area, phone the fault emergency service on 0800 783 8838.

We’d also advise checking the UK Power Network website and/or the National Grid website.

Plus Plus Water (total loss of water supply)

Please check that your stopcock is turned on, and then contact your water supplier.