Repairs: who is responsible?

Repairs and maintenance

The responsibility of repairing and maintaining your home is shared between you as a resident and us as your landlord. This page contains a checklist that tells you which repairs you are responsible for but if you’re not sure about anything then you can contact our Customer Services team on 0300 303 1010.

Plus Plus Which repairs and maintenance are you responsible for?

The repair and maintenance responsibility checklist below explains what you are responsible for. If you’re unsure about anything on the list, please contact our Customer Services team on 0300 303 1010.

  • Decorating inside your home, including filling small cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Providing replacement keys – if you lock yourself out you will have to pay a locksmith to change your locks and repair any damage. If your keys are stolen then this may be covered by your insurance
  • Replacing domestic plugs and fuses
  • Any repair due to wilful neglect or damage
  • Clearing blockages in sinks, baths and toilets, even if accidental
  • Replacing lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing dustbins, including wheelie bins
  • Replacing plugs and chains on sinks, baths and basins
  • Replacing toilet seats
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Replacing door handles, latches, letter boxes, door knockers and doorbells (except communal door entry systems)
  • Sweeping the chimneys as often as necessary to prevent fires
  • Managing condensation in your home
  • Taking any necessary steps to prevent water in pipes and tanks from freezing
  • Pest control
  • Wooden sheds

If you provide misleading or false information relating to a repair that is your responsibility, we may charge you for this.

Plus Plus Which repairs are we responsible for?

  • Looking after the internal structure and exterior of the building including the foundations, walls, windows, window sills, doors, roofs, rainwater pipes and gutters, chimney stacks, plaster, floors and stairs
  • Repairing structural fittings and fixtures of the building including the internal doors, kitchen units, toilets, sinks, internal joinery, cupboards and fireplaces
  • Making sure supplies for gas, water and electricity are in good working order
  • Repairing lights, fire alarms, door entry systems, lifts and aerials in communal areas.
  • Maintaining our boundary fences, brick or concrete outbuildings, footpaths, gates, patios and hard standing parking areas
  • Looking after communal gardens and areas
  • Dealing with pests in communal areas
  • White goods and/or flooring provided by Paradigm