Improving your home

You have the right to carry out changes to your home, but you must get our written permission before starting work. If you are in any doubt, please speak to our Customer Services team on 0300 303 1010.

If you want to carry out improvements or alterations to your home, you should fill in the form below. You must give details of the changes you would like to make and, where possible, include drawings and measurement details.

We will either give you permission or tell you why we can’t give it. We will also inform you whether we think you will need building regulation approval and/or planning permission from your local council.

Examples of improvements or alterations include:

  • Installing a shower
  • New bathroom or kitchen
  • Moving or adding electric points
  • Putting in double-glazing
  • Moving/removing fitted doors or units
  • Laying a patio
  • Changes to the heating system
  • Plumbing in an electrical appliance, like a washing machine
  • Fitting an external aerial or satellite dish
  • Putting up fencing

You will need to pay for these changes and you will be responsible for any repairs.

We try to be reasonable in considering requests for improvements or alterations. Permission will normally be given provided that the work does not have a negative affect on your home or that of your neighbours.