Welcome to Paradigm

If your home transferred to Paradigm from The Guinness Partnership on 8 March, you will find some useful FAQs further down this page.

But first, why not watch a short video from our Chief Executive Matthew Bailes, who will introduce you to Paradigm and tell you a bit more about us and what we do.

What you can find on this page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Plus Plus I had a Direct Debit set up with Guinness. Will this transfer automatically?

Yes, you do not need to contact us to set up a new Direct Debit.

We may not be able to take the payment on your current preferred date. We can take monthly direct debit payments between 1st and 28th of the month. Weekly, fortnightly and four weekly Direct Debits can only be set up to be taken on a Monday. If your Direct Debit does not currently fall into this category, we will be in touch. Please look out for a letter soon.

Plus Plus If I pay my rent using a rent card, what do I need to do?

Your Guinness rent card will be cancelled once you have moved over to Paradigm and you shouldn’t use this to pay your rent. We will issue a new card to you as soon as possible after the transfer.

Plus Plus Will I be penalised if I get behind on my payment due to the transfer? For example, if I pay by rent card and have yet to receive my new one.

We understand there could be a delay to your first payment and you will not be penalised for this. However, your rent will be charged as normal and there will be no rent free weeks, so it is best to pay rent as soon as you are able to.

Plus Plus I have arrears on my account which Guinness were aware of and I have a payment plan. Can I continue with this agreed plan?

Yes, you should continue with the payment plan you had agreed with Guinness. We will monitor this and may ask to review it with you.

Plus Plus I put in an application for mutual exchange prior to the transfer. Are you aware of my request?

If you have already put in an application and your exchange was in progress, we should have received this from Guinness. If not, you will need to fill in one of our mutual exchange forms. Once we have received this, it will be passed to our Housing team. Due to lockdown restrictions, mutual exchanges with Paradigm and Guinness have been on hold. We are processing exchanges again now but there may be a delay.

Plus Plus I currently have an open query with Guinness; for example permission for a pet, adding/ removing a tenant from the tenancy or an open ASB case. Will you be aware of my case?

Yes, any open cases, issues or tenancy change requests will have been passed over to us from Guinness. We will be in contact with you within one week of the transfer to discuss this with you.

Plus Plus I am a leaseholder and pay my service charge invoice monthly, who do I need to pay now?

You will need to pay the remaining balance to Paradigm.

Plus Plus Are my service charges going to change now that I have transferred over?

You will continue to pay the amount as advised by Guinness. Service charges are reviewed annually, and we will give you 4 weeks’ notice of any changes.

Plus Plus Who will be attending to clean/maintain my estate now that I have transferred? Will it be the same as before?

You may notice some differences to the frequency or schedule that we attend to clean and maintain your estate, as we will attend to your site with the same regularity as the rest of our estates. We use Just Ask for communal cleaning and John O’Connor for grounds maintenance work.

Plus Plus I reported bulk rubbish to be collected by Guinness and this still hasn’t been done. What should I do?

We will arrange any collections that haven’t taken place. There is no need to contact us about this.

Plus Plus I had a gas safety check booked in with Guinness. Will this still be going ahead, or will I need book it in with Paradigm?

If you had a gas safety check booked in with Guinness that hasn’t already been completed, this will still go ahead- we will keep to your current appointment day and time.

Plus Plus I reported a repair to Guinness before the transfer, do you know about it?

We are aware of any repairs that you have previously reported to Guinness that are still outstanding. There is no need to contact us – we will contact you to schedule these in.

If you are waiting for follow-on work after a loss of heating or hot water, Guinness have notified us and we will be in touch with you to schedule this.

Plus Plus I am dissatisfied with a recent repair that Guinness attended to, who do I report this to?

You will need to report the repair to us. We will raise a new repair for this to investigate further.

Plus Plus I was due a new kitchen/bathroom/windows and doors when I was with Guinness, are you aware of this?

Any information regarding scheduled investments works would have been passed to us from Guinness. Due to COVID restrictions, we paused installing new kitchens and bathrooms/ windows and doors and so this may take longer than usual. We will be in touch with you when this work can take place.