Paradigm donates £10,000 to local foodbanks

Posted on the 8th June 2020

Paradigm has donated £10,000 to foodbank charities in the areas where we have the highest concentration of residents.

The money has been distributed to foodbanks in Chiltern, Hillingdon, Dunstable, Hatfield, Bicester, Luton, Broxbourne and Hounslow in proportion to the number of Paradigm residents living in those areas.

We know that many people are struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and over the last few weeks we have contacted our more vulnerable residents to offer support and advice.

Some of our residents rely heavily on local foodbanks which have been finding it difficult to keep fully stocked. Many are receiving fewer donations as people tighten their belts and experience financial difficulties.

We already work closely with the local foodbanks, and support our residents to access their services where they need them. From our recent conversations with residents we have identified foodbanks as a vital resource and a lifeline for those who need additional support to feed their families.

Mike Dyce, Trustee and Treasurer at Hatfield Foodbank said: “This is great news! The foodbank is busier than ever, and although we do get some donations of food it’s generally insufficient to keep up with demand, and so cash donations help us buy the extra we need to give out.

“Donations tend to be focused on some types of food such as tins of baked beans, and so we top these up with items from areas where there are shortages. Trussell Trust guide us on trying to give out a broadly balanced diet.

“Additionally, residents who are struggling, need other items like toiletries etc., and so generous cash donations like yours really help us to buy things for those ‘shortage’ areas.

“We are really grateful for your help at this time.”

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