Our customer strategy sets out how we will deliver our aim to provide an excellent service for tenants and homeowners.

Over the next five years, we aim to achieve 88% customer satisfaction for those who rent their home, and 65% customer satisfaction for shared owners and leaseholders.

On the whole, our customers currently have a positive experience when dealing with individual members of staff. However, customers have told us that we need to improve how we deal with more complicated issues or those that are harder to resolve. Customers have also told us that we can sometimes feel impersonal and unsympathetic when dealing with their issues.

Plus Plus Our service offer

We will review our service offer to customers using their feedback about what is important, so that we are clear about the service customers can expect from us. We will ensure that the roles, responsibilities and structure of the Customer Directorate and the wider organisation support the service offer so that we are best placed to deliver excellent services to our customers. We will also review specific service areas which customers have told us are very important to them, including;

  • Our repairs service offer
  • How we manage defect repairs in new homes
  • The standard we have for homes which are re-let to customers (known as a ‘void standard’)
  • Our service charge approach and customer communications about service charges

Plus Plus How we serve customers

We will develop and implement a new set of customer care standards that set out how our service should feel to customers, and how we will respond to their needs and preferences. These standards will be embedded across the organisation, with all colleagues receiving training, and we will monitor how well we meet them.

Over the next three years, our transformation programme will support us to offer customers greater choice in how they contact us or access services; we will offer a multi-channel service, using a range of digital channels as well as our traditional phone and face-to-face services. In the short term, we will identify improvements to existing customer contact management.

Plus Plus Customer involvement

We conduct customer satisfaction surveys, as well as focused surveys of customers who have used a specific service, such as reporting an Anti-social behaviour case. We will continue to introduce ways to get timely feedback across more of the services we provide, so that customers can tell us about their experience, and we can use this information to continuously improve.

We will also continue to improve how we share the action we have taken following customer feedback, using channels such as our website and newsletter.

We will develop our customer engagement approach, to ensure that customers have a range of ways to be involved in the scrutiny and co-design of services, including at a local level to shape their local service offer and improvements. This will include an increasing range of digital and online opportunities, as well as face-to-face.

Plus Plus Sustaining tenancies

We know that having a safe and secure home is fundamental for everyone. We want to support our customers to manage their tenancies and minimise the times when tenancies fail. We will take a number of steps including to improve our pre-tenancy assessment process to ensure, as far as possible, that the right customer moves into the right home, and that we have clear understanding of any support or affordability needs they may have, so that we can work with them from the start.

We will also work closely with partners organisations, including social services and health services, to ensure customers receive the support they need from the beginning and throughout their tenancy.