Targets and progress

We have a set of core targets we need to meet in order to achieve the aims set out in our Corporate Plan.

The information below reflects our progress against these targets and is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

You can view our targets for full the five-year period (2021-26) below:

Plus Plus Serving customers

By the end of the Corporate Plan period our objectives are to achieve the following levels of performance on specific measures:

  • Customer satisfaction of 88% for those who rent their home from us
  • Customer satisfaction of 65% for those who are shared owners or leaseholders
  • Customer satisfaction of 85% with our repairs service.

Deliver significant enhancement to online services including online access to safety documents (where relevant)

Plus Plus Building new homes

2,250 new homes handed over during plan period

1,600 homes added to the development pipeline each year

Tenure mix 50/50 split between affordable rent and Low Cost Home Ownership over plan period

The number of defects recorded per home at less than 2

Plus Plus Safe and sustainable homes

  • 100% compliance with health and safety regimes
  • 100% compliance with Decent Homes regulatory requirements
  • Detailed plan to achieve net zero carbon by 2050
  • Identify and initiate works programmes that deliver a minimum dwelling standard of EPC C where feasible with the aim of ensuring that the vast majority of our stock reaches that standard by 2030
  • Pilot projects to shape our approach to deploying low and zero carbon sources of heating
  • Compliance with new building safety regulatory system for high rise buildings
  • Commit to an Environmental Strategy to address climate change resilience, energy efficiency and excellent management of waste and hazardous products

Plus Plus Best use of resources

Operating margin:

2022: 43%
2023: 39%
2024: 37%
2025: 36%
2026: 36%

Employee engagement – 2* standard

4 week average rent arrears at no more than 3%

Void relet target of 12 days

Reducing our environmental impact based on Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework

Serving customers

General needs satisfaction Homeowner satisfactionSatisfaction with our repairs service
Quarter 1 (April-June)83%55%78%
Target (2021/22)86%58%80%
Picture illustrating customer satisfaction performance

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Providing new homes

New homes handed overHomes in the development pipelineDefects per unit
Year to date (to June 2021)7710641.97
Target (2021/22)3281450Less than 2.1
Picture depicting number of homes handed over

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Safe and sustainable homes

Compliance with Decent Homes StandardEPC C or above
Quarter 1 (April - June 2021)99.4%65.4%
Target (2021/22)100%67%

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Graph showing percent of properties EPC band C or above

Best use of resources

Operating margin4 week average rent arrearsAverage days to relet empty homes
Quarter 1 (April - June 2021)46.3%3.04%14.2
Target (2021/22)41.6%3%12

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