Managing your money

If you are facing financial difficulty and are struggling to afford your rent, we are here to help. Please speak to your rent officer or a member of our customer services team to discuss a repayment plan and for advice and guidance about the support available.

By speaking to a member of our team, we can also discuss support and benefits that are available or signpost you to local services that may be able to assist you during this difficult time.

Plus Plus Am I entitled to Universal Credit?

It depends on your income – you may be entitled to Universal Credit to help with housing and living costs. You may also be entitled to Council Tax support. This is available in addition to the single person discount and you need to apply for it through your local council.

If you are unable to work due to a medical condition, you may be entitled to Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

If you take care of someone in your household with a medical condition you may be entitled to a carers allowance or additional support.



Plus Plus How do I apply for Universal Credit?

For more information on how to apply or for assistance with your application speak to a member of our team. We may refer you to our Tenancy Intervention team or to your local Citizens Advice. The links below may also be useful:

Universal Credit – GOV.UK (

Apply for Universal Credit – GOV.UK (

Plus Plus Universal Credit helper

For a step by step guide to the entire application process, visit our Universal Credit helper here.

Plus Plus What do I do if I can't work because of a medical condition?

Plus Plus What is Citizens Advice?

Citizens Advice is a network of independent charities offering advice online, over the phone or in person, for free. They help with a range of situations including, but not limited to, debt and money advice, housing problems for both rented property and mortgages, rent arrears, benefits, legal issues and immigration. You can find out more about the services they provide on their website, chat with an advisor online or call their national Adviceline on 0800 144 8848.

Plus Plus Mortgage help for shared owners

If you are a shared owner and struggling to afford the rent and mortgage payments, you may be entitled to Universal Credit (UC) to help cover the rent and get additional support with living costs.

If you have been claiming UC for more than nine months in a row or after you’ve claimed Income Support, income-based JSA or income-based ESA for 39 weeks in a row, you may be able to apply for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) to help cover your mortgage interest. SMI is paid as a loan and will need to be repaid with interest when the property is sold or  ownership is transferred (unless moving the loan to another property).

If you qualify for Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI), you’ll usually get help paying the interest on up to £200,000 of your loan or mortgage. However, you can only get up to £100,000 if you are in receipt of Pension Credit or another qualifying benefit prior to 2009.

It is important that you speak to your mortgage provider about you situation as you may be able to get additional support depending on circumstances (e.g. a temporary transfer to an interest only mortgage).

Plus Plus What do I do if I'm worried about debt?

We have a team on hand to help advise you about how to pay your rent if you’re in debt for any reason. Call 0300 303 1010 to discuss your options with them.

Alternatively, for confidential and impartial debt advice and support 24/7, head to StepChange’s website here.