Working together to improve your estates

Posted on the 11th May 2021

When residents in Waltham Cross were having trouble with shoppers parking in their road and blocking access to their homes, they approached Housing Officer Hayley for help.

Having to continually battle with shoppers and shop workers parking in their spaces and blocking the road was causing stress and anguish, so residents came together to sign a petition for the road to be blocked off.

Hayley consulted with residents and it was agreed a barrier and yellow lines would be put in place.

That’s where resident Laura came in! With the help of her son and another neighbour, they ensured the road was kept clear for the barriers to be installed by moving their cars the night before so shoppers couldn’t block the road. She also helped show residents who were unable to meet Hayley how to use the barrier fobs and she let the bin collection team in until a key safe could be installed.

By working together, Laura and the other residents of this small cul-de-sac no longer have to worry about issues with non-residents parking unsafely around their homes.

Laura says; “I have lived in my property since new and we have always been troubled with the public blocking our private parking spaces and the entrance to our little courtyard. This was becoming dangerous and as residents we got together, signed a petition to ask Paradigm to help us and arrange some kind of security to stop this problem. We got a barrier approved and it was installed within weeks. I now feel safe in my home, I sleep so much better and the feelings of anxiety, which no one should suffer over a parking space have gone! We thank you for listening and creating a safer space for our community”

If you have suggestions for improvements where you live, you get can in touch with your Housing Officer via our contact centre (0300 303 1010). Here are some more examples of how we have been working with other residents to help improve the area where they live:

  • When a vulnerable resident became anxious about other residents walking directly in front of her window to access parking and the bin stores, her Housing Officer arranged for the flower bed outside the front of her home to be extended so that people wouldn’t be able to walk directly passed.
  • We’ve been making upgrades to the bin stores on some of our estates.

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